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  • We are a Professional Modeling and Acting Agency.
  • We are not some Fly-By-Night Agency that works out of the Mall....​
  • We Do Not Promise You The Moon And The Stars, You Have To Earn It.
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Our Goal
Our goal ... Is to provide the film and television industry with good, marketable talent that show pride in what they do.  Dependability and dedication to make their part whatever it may be, work for the producer/director.  By doing this, at the same time the agency is providing an environment of access to virtually everything in film/tv to the models and actors that we represent.  If there is a secret to success in this industry, it is that in order for an actor/model to work... they must be seen.
​The William Reynolds Agency in Atlanta represents a wide spectrum of professional talent, focusing mostly on actors and models.  Film, television, commercials, new pilots, reality shows, hosting and commercial modeling just to name a few.  In all likelihood, whatever show or movie that you watch on tv or, the local theatre tonight... initially came across the desks of The William Reynolds Agency in Atlanta.
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Of course you will need headshots, which are used by the agency to market you and your talent, and for inclusion on our website.  If you do well on your audition/interview the agency will make recommendations for those.  These headshots, done by entertainment photographers, are probably the most important factor in your initial success, simply because these are exactly what the client sees first.