William Reynolds Agency

Mr William Reynolds, Founder

One of Atlanta's Oldest and Best Talent and Modeling Agencies. Your BEST resource for Talent Agency Services for Actors and Models in Atlanta and throughout the US

Founded in 1978 in Atlanta Georgia, the William Reynolds Agency has became one of the top 5 talent agencies in the Southeast, and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as a five star rating from most rating agencies. The agency actually helps train those that show a desire and display some talent, to actually become a working model or actor. There is usually No Charge for about 8 to 10 hours of training. That’s Right! Four or Five classes for absolutely no cost for those who qualify! For many, the agency will also pay for an industry photographer to take the necessary photos in order to assure that they are done professionally and showing great quality. It is our belief there is no other agency that offers this level of service. Additionally the agency, many times, will establish and publish a new person on the agency website, also at no charge. For any talent…. new or already established…. marketing to those that actually hire professional actors and models,  ie. producers, directors and casting directors, etc, is an absolute must, no matter what your level of expertise. Our level of service and exposure in the industry we serve sets us apart from the rest!

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​Sabrina C Casting Director


  • When doing a ton of research on talent agencies…real talent agencies….good ones. I’ve noticed that most of those with a 5 star review rating only have a handful of reviews…Not many either polished talent or new talent coming in. With this agency, Reynolds they have over 140 reviews, mostly good from those they chose to work with either polished or those they invested money in to help them achieve success. The others it seems, never even went to the agency or were turned down and did not respond well to that rejection. I guess it goes with the territory, when your city is number one the world for film/tv production. At any rate this is the agency that I’m going to when I graduate from school later on this year in London. Just thought I’d pass that on to those just getting started like I am. For sure a 5 star agency.

    Gabby Richardson

  • Quality of work and resources, Ability to adhere to schedules, Technical skills, vast industry knowledge, Organization levels tops, Attitude and in-office teamwork, Ability as well as Reliability>> All in ‘one’ agency are you kidding me. Yet here they are William Reynolds Agency right here in the ATL. Did I say FIVE STAR?? YES i DID!!

    Mr. Jason Day

  • As a former talent and employee (part-time) Reynolds is an amazing agency. I learned so much about the business of entertainment with a focus on FILM/TV Production. The industry is very competitive and yet the management did an absolutely super job of surfing through the bull s*** of creating clients and bookings for all talent.>> Simply could not be better. I am Now self employed and happy.

    Andy Roy

    Store Manager, Walmart Inc